Guest Controller Approval

What is GCA?

GCA is the acronym of Guest Controller Approval; it allows members of foreign divisions to control

in Ukraine.

1. Foreword

The IVAO Ukraine Division is following the Guest Controller Approval policy described in the IVAO Rules and Regulations: “Rule 5.1.7: Divisions may require members of foreign divisions to obtain a Guest Controller Approval Before being allowed to log in on FRA restricted positions. Divisions shall announce their participation and publish their requirements on the division’s web site.” All ATC positions are subject to the Facility Rating Assignments (FRAs) which are enforced by the Ukraine Division and require a Guest Controller Approval (GCA) for non-UA members.

2. Minimum requirements to request GCA

The Ukraine division expects GCA applicants to hold a rating that is at least equivalent to the position they apply for. Therefore, we will only issue GCAs for members with an ATC rating of “ADC Aerodrome Controller” or higher.

Furthermore, the UA division expects from GCA applicants to know our airspace structures, such as local procedures, ATC Positions, etc…

Also a requirement to control at least 1 hours in every 1 month. We’ll check all GCA applicants to meet this criteria. We’ll do checks in 6-month basis.

If you have any problems, issues which blocks you to meet with this criteria you shall write to or and DIR/ADIR/TC can give exception from this rule.

3. Approval process

To apply for a GCA approval you will need to meet the requirements stated above. If you meet them, please write an e-mail to with a copy to ; subject of the mail should contain the phrase “Guest Controller Approval XXXXXX” where XXXXXX is your VID.

As well the mail should include the reason why you should receive GCA in Ukraine. You will be then contacted by one of our staff members to arrange a UA GCA Checkout or to receive the appropriate training. Once all that is completed, the divisional training department will evaluate conducted checkout and if they approve you will be cleared to operate in the UA ATC positions in agreement with the FRAs in Ukraine and the UA GCA will be indicated in your profile.

4. Removal of GCA

Your GCA can be revoked at any time if:

• You violate one of the IVAO’s R&Rs;

• Don’t behave according to the IVAO spirit. We have zero tolerance for disruptive, disrespectful and rude members;

• You don’t show a good knowledge of the local procedures and the UA Division’s local procedures;

• You don’t control at least 1 hours every 1 month.

We will ask you via e-mail to change your behavior if we consider it to be in conflict with these rules. If our request is not expeditiously complied with, we will remove the approval without further warning. Also UA-HQ can revoke GCA on their own decision.